Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

     As your new principal of St. Frances Cabrini I would like to introduce myself to you. My start in education actually began as a teacher in special education. From this experience I developed a vision for meeting the learning needs of all students. My experiences in Catholic Education allowed me to then integrate this vision with the principles of our faith-assisting families and children on their journey of faith and becoming active participants in our community/society.

     During these past several days, I have had the opportunity to meet a few teachers, parish staff and parents, as well as look at how I can enhance learning opportunities at. St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School. Past parents presented me with a sign which I think describes or supports my vision. The sign reads "Dream the Impossible." I look at what can be done to enhance the academic and faith experiences, rather than say we cannot do something. I have no magic wand, rather a vision which supports a collaborative partnership to ensure success.

     As a "new" principal, it is a challenge to begin at a new school. There are historical issues, traditions, and practices which need to be understood while also introducing change or new ideas. It is in what I call a professional Catholic Learning Community from which we devote our energies to enhance learning both in academics and faith. Another key factor in a Catholic Learning Community is building trust and understanding through the use of various communication activities: weekly newsletters, e-mails, phone conversations, websites, surveys, and accepting my invitation to meet with me (my door is always open).

     To begin, I have developed a set of priorities to start the process of enhancing the learning process here at SFC. Currently I have asked Mrs. Katie Dewey to begin the process of evaluating a new science program entitled Discovery Science ( This science program integrates technology with National and State Science Standards. Mrs. Jeanine Lochen, Mrs. Emily Graper and a soon to be announced middle level teacher will be part of a new school team entitled Title Service Team. In discussions with the public school Title Services will now expand to include students with Math and Reading needs in grades K-8. SFC will also be able to purchase through the Title Service program a National membership in either Reading or Math. I/we are also looking at classroom and subject schedules to ensure quality instructional time.

     To continue to meet the learning needs of all students, I will be introducing to the teachers a program entitled Student Assist Team (SAT)/Response to Intervention (RtI) model. Briefly this model provides a structured process by which a teacher can bring data about a student to a team of teachers who will assist in designing intervention strategies to address student learning and behavioral needs. Parents will also be active participants in this process. I will expand the description of this model in later newsletters.

     Thus it has been a busy few weeks, as I/we get organized and begin the process to enhance learning at SFC. I look forward to an exciting school year. Would you do me a favor? Please e-mail me at the following: 3 positive or proactive statements about SFC that you express to other parents when talking with them; 3 concerns you have and want me to address as principal; and finally, your name and the best way I can contact you.

Thank you and God Bless!

Mr. Krainz




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